Spirit-ish- Support woman in film! Project by Virginia Smith

Over the course of a weekend we shot this short scene from the longer script. Backing our ‪#‎kickstarter‬ means you get to find out what happens, and even where these two gals in the scene came from and maybe where they're going. We're halfway done but not halfway there - please like, share, and support some great gals making film, some for the first but not the last time. Sarah Mayo Semone Scurry Marielle Elisabeth Seche Libba Smith




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New York's Best Spiked Milkshakes

Here is a link to a piece written by the very witty Lilly Vanek. Since the days have been getting warmer and i've been told its Ice Cream weekend, here are some suggestions to wet your whistle and sooth your inner child. This was also my first photo piece for Societe Perrier.

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